The Joint Commission has announced  “Measurement Based Care for BHC Accredited Organizations”

Call to learn more about the standards revisions that will take effect January 2018 for behavioral health providers. These revisions will require accredited organizations to assess outcomes through the use of a standardized tool or instrument.

Standard CTS.03.01.09 – The organization assesses the outcomes of care, treatment, or services provided to the individual served  has been a long standing requirement. BHC accredited organizations were always expected to measure outcomes, but The Joint Commission did not say how that was to be done. The Joint Commission believes that the revised standard will help organizations improve the quality of their care, treatment, or services, and help organizations to know whether what they’re doing is working.


While the standard isn’t changing, the Elements of Performance are:

EP 1 – The organization uses a standardized tool or instrument to monitor the individual’s progress in achieving his or her care, treatment, or service goals.

EP 2 – The organization gathers and analyzes the data generated through standardized monitoring, and the results are used to inform the goals and objectives of the individual’s plan for care, treatment, or services as needed.

EP 3 – The organization evaluates the outcomes of care, treatment, or services provided to the population(s) it serves by aggregating and analyzing the data gathered through the standardized monitoring effort.


The Joint Commission is in the process of developing support materials and other resources for the field, and an introductory document is currently available on the Joint Commission’s website: The following links are to The Joint Commission’s presentation slides and on-demand recording (registration required) of the presentation.

Mental Health Outcomes has supported Measurement Based Care for more than 20 years. We have the expertise and experience to help BHC accredited organizations.

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