Data Collection

Mental Health Outcomes uses data in the format clients are collecting it. MHO knows that while many organizations are moving to a digital records environment, most are not there yet, so MHO accepts data in hardcopy or digital format. MHO meets your data where it lives!


MHO supports online data collection for HBIPS and IPFQR reporting.

Fax Back

MHO supports faxed delivery of certain outcomes data for clients using hardcopy forms who want to avoid bundling and sending the paperwork through the mail.

Electronic Data Submission

MHO encourages clients to submit as much data as possible using their own electronic systems. With some initial set up work, most clients can export case-mix and outcomes related data such as demographics, medications, and diagnoses from their own systems with ease.


The majority of our clients are moving towards digital records but are still using hardcopy records for their clinical work. The CQI+ Outcomes Measurement System allows our clients to continue to work with hardcopy records by using a scannable page format that fully complies with your clinical and medical record requirements.