Data Collection

While many organizations are moving to a digital records environment, most are not there yet. MHO accepts data in hardcopy or digital formats. Clients may also access MHO’s web-based platform.
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Outcome Measures

MHO uses a combination of standardized, proprietary, and custom data tools to provide a robust behavioral health outcomes database.
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HBIPS/IPFQR Core Measures

MHO assisted in the development and support of both the HBIPS and IPFQR Measure Sets, and assists clients with practical solutions for effective and efficient reporting.

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MHO presents data in streamlined, easy to understand reports that provide actionable items to support performance improvement efforts.
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Mental Health Outcomes provides one product – a fully customizable outcomes measurement system focused on meeting your needs.

Ongoing Support

Support is not a negotiation point. MHO offers the highest level of support to each client we partner with. We believe that all of our clients deserve the very best support…. It’s how we help you help patients.

Post-Discharge Assessment

How successful are patients once they are back in the community? Readmissions tell part of the story. MHO’s Follow-Up Surveying gives a better view.

Custom Analytics Service

When clients are ready to move from “How do we perform…?” to “Why do we perform…?”, MHO’s analysts explore the data to provide deeper insight and clarity.


MHO offers clients the opportunity to benchmark against a variety of measures with comparable providers.