The CQI+ Outcomes Measurement System conducts a thorough analysis of all data collected and presents it in streamlined, easy to understand reports that provide you with actionable items to support your performance improvement efforts.

Standard Reports

MHO’s standard reports help you easily identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. The reports are graphic heavy to increase utility for meetings, presentations, and general ease of use.

Custom Analysis Reports

MHO’s custom analyses drill down into specific questions of interest raised by a client after reviewing the standard report. These reports help you sharpen your focus and communicate your results.

Online Reports

MHO’s online reporting gives you access to your data and benchmarks 24/7.

Beyond Reports

The point of outcomes measurement isn’t to collect data and send numerous reports off to accreditors or payers. Outcomes data are meant to inform and improve the quality of care. Communication is the key. Mental Health Outcomes assists our clients in using their data to communicate their organization’s quality goals and achievements.



Community Education Sheets and Brochures

Make quality of care your advertising by using MHO’s 8.5” x 11” hand outs. Mail or “leave behind” evidence of your focus on high quality care and satisfaction.


Our posters are easy to update periodically and useful for staff education, performance improvement tracking, displaying in and around patient care areas, and open house or health fair presentations.


Presentations displaying outcomes, trends, and performance activities are appropriate for conferences, board meetings, and on-site survey teams.